I'm looking for a networking professional for paid or free consultation on openWRT

Hi all! In general, straight to the point - I really need help as a person who understands connections. In general, the situation is this - the XIaomi AX3200 router. It runs OpenWRT + Paswall2 service. I myself don’t understand much about networks and initially turned to one person with a request - to set up this router for me so that I could “stick a proxy into it”, replace the DNS with the one I need and connect from my phone to this router and have already proxied traffic on the phone. This person did everything for me and now I have Paswall2 on openWRT, in which I plug in a proxy, change the DNS and everything seems to work, But... Now another problem has appeared - I don’t always need to change the DNS manually, sometimes I want something I wish the native DNS would be sucked up from the proxy and that’s all, so that I wouldn’t replace anything. But this Paswall2 service does not provide for such work; it is NOT possible to change the DNS manually before work. This person who set this up for me doesn’t know what to do, I don’t even know what to do, and so far it works on snot, I don’t even touch it, but I want to finally figure it out fully so that it works reliably.

Passwall is not supplied from here. You need to ask its authors.

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But if you don’t use paswall2, are there ways to somehow, using a computer, a router with openWRT, and a phone, ensure that by connecting the phone to the router, all traffic from the phone is proxied and the native DNS proxies are visible on the checker?

You are describing DNS interception , you can find guide in the wiki. Original question is dead end in this forum, you can close it.

Greetings to all! I am very far from the topic of networks, etc.
I am multi-accounting TikTok and it is important to me that the connection I use from the phone to the TikTok servers is realistic and of high quality.

Task input data: I have 2 phones, an OpenWrt router and a computer.
Task: to make it so that I could “plug” a proxy into a router or computer, then connect to this network from a phone and so that the phone would use this proxy with its native DNS as a connection.

Roughly speaking, I need a proxyfier on the router.

Why not change DNS manually? open dns?

This is exactly what I am doing now, I turned to a person who really helped me, but did not completely solve the problem:
He installed the Paswall2 service on my openwrt router and now I can do everything described above, BUT
The Paswall2 service REQUIRES some kind of DNS to work. And sometimes this is not a problem - I just check which DNS is suitable for my proxy using a checker and a benchmark, then I find a more or less pleasant one and everything works. BUT it is often impossible to find a good DNS for a proxy, so that it is exclusively from the provider. It often happens that no matter what dns I insert from the list, the checker still shows a lot of dns belonging to Google/Cloudflare. And accounts registered on such DNS do not work. As with open and well-known, etc.

In general, it is very important for me to sort this all out and I am ready to consider options for paid cooperation in order to finally solve all this....