I'm confused about how I install a package on a device that has no internet connectivity


I'm trying to download libopenssl 1.1 for an ac1750 router that is a dependency for another package i'm installing that will allow me to connect to the internet. This seems like a chicken and egg problem, because I can't find the ipk no matter how many ways I google it, and I can't install with opkg since the router is not connected to the internet. Is there some way to find this ipk?

Thanks in advance.

Two direct approaches - and one slightly indirect, but effectively easier:

  • temporarily putting the OpenWrt behind another router (it defaults to DHCP on WAN), worst case would be connecting wirelessly to a phone hotspot.
  • manually downloading the *.ipk packages via some other means, uploading to /tmp/ via scp - installing with opkg from there (this is only reasonable for packages without many dependencies)
  • using the imagebuilder to generate a custom image containing everything you need - and then flashing that.

I always install a new router behind another using DHCP on WAN.

Works like a charm, no headaches, nothing easier...