Illegal instruction when executing node-red

Hi All,

I have successfully installed node-red on openWRT device which has ARM Cortex v7 processor.

When I run the node-red, its opening the port on 1880 on IP As a result I am creating a port forwarding rule from to for UI access.

But when I enter the IP, node-red is getting crashed on openWRT and it outputs
"Illegal Instruction".

Any idea on how to proceed further



  • Make sure that your source address is also localhost (i.e. (Yes, I realize what that means.)
  • Make loopback routable (as I recall it isn't by default) - and I don't advise this
  • Best suggestion: make your program listen on the proper address

BTW, how is this OpenWrt related?

I am able to access UI. Sorry for the post. It was a silly mistake.

If not for this silly mistake, as I have seen in number of forums about problems in compilation and ARM processor related questions when installing on openWRT.