IFTTT on TP-Link Archer C7 V2?

I have an Archer C7 V2 which out of the box does not seem to have IFTTT ability. Does anyone know if I flash OpenWrt onto it, will it support IFTTT? Also, has anyone been able to setup IFTTT with OpenWrt to send a notification when a specific device connects or disconnects for your router? Thanks!

For those who may not know:

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(I'm unsure why a router would have such an ability, hopefully others can better assist you.)

Thanks @lleachii. So I noticed that newer TP-Link Archer C7 version (i.e. version 4/5) support IFTTT natively and claim they can "send an email when a specific device connects/disconnects". Trying to set this up so I can use it with a leak sensor in the house to make sure it doesn't lose wifi.


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Factory firmware is a single blob with everything built in. OpenWrt is slightly different, it does only basic router functions when first installed. The idea is to extend it by installing packages later like with desktop Linux. A single search at the package list has no hits on "ifttt". This suggests that no IFTTT client has been ported yet.

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I'm guessing you mean on OEM firmware?

There's a few threads about how to run a script when a task is completed.

These may be helpful:

Also, others may read and offer some more ideas.

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luci-app-mosquitto is available in the package repos.