Ifstatus not showing delegated prefix in 22.03rc6


I've been running 22.03rc1/2 and now rc6 for a while on my firewall. My providers delegates a static /48 via PPPoE DHCPv6 Prefix Delegation.
I'm a bit puzzled about what ifstatus wan6 shows. Snippet:

	"ipv6-prefix": [
	"ipv6-prefix-assignment": [

In LUCI dashboard it shows the actual delegated prefix in 'IPv6 Upstream`. Did the behaviour of ifstatus change in 22.03 or is there any other explanation about why the information is missing in the ifstatus output?

Check wan_6 (sic!) instead. PPPoE WANs usually spawn a virtual IPv6 subinterface themselves instead of relying on the preconfigured wan6 one.

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