Ifconfig only have lo

My device cannot find eth0, and if I run ifconfig it only shows lo. Could anyone help me?
The device failed after I try to install tc and kmod-netem

On what .... ?


A router with openwrt system

Noooo!? Really?

Shocker :slight_smile:

It seems someone has met the same problem: Only loopback interface is available on openwrt x86 - #8 by hgl
But I don't understand how he solves the problem in the end.

Sorry, it's might be a programmable switches

I just want to know how to make eth0 work in openwrt, do you know how to do that?

You need to be more specific.
Clarify the exact device model and post the output:

ubus call system board
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Thank you, I'll try later.

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