If TP-Link RE200 extender is "Possible to support", what does that actually mean?

I have a RE200 that I would like to convert over to LEDE as everything else in the house already runs it and this device seems to be a security weakspot (not including the pending official krackattack patch).

Per the Table of Hardware (comparison link), the device falls in the same target ("ramips") and subtarget ("mt620") as a couple other TP-Link devices (albeit routers, not extenders). For example, per the hw wikis (here and at OpenWRT) the RE200 and C20i share the same basic hw including ROM and RAM (only diff is a USB).

So, with that in mind, what does it mean that the device is "possible to support" and what can one do to change that status. I am not that technically savvy to modify a firmware for this device specifically, but is there something I could do to help with this?

Also, what is up with the 5GHz not working ("not supported") on the MT7610EN chips? Is this something that will unlikey change in the near future? Is Mediatek hw not LEDE-friendly?

Note: Apparently new users can submit max 2 links per post. I had 3 and they were all within lede-project.org, so maybe those should be exempt.

That means that most likely it would be easy to support it, but nobody yet has due to MT7610EN since there it is not supported by the mt76 driver and therefore 5GHz radio would not work under LEDE.

As the C20i is supported (with a non-working 5GHz radio) i simply suppose no one ported LEDE on this hardware. Maybe lack of interest

You know when the version will be fully compatible with this hardware?

Is the RE200 version compatible with the RE210?

Is the version for Archer C50 which according to the table is 100% compatible can be used on RE210 with full functionality?

I have a TP-Link RE200 and am willing to be a guinea pig in trying test things out...What do I need to do to get started?

I wish someone would give him support, the original firmware sucks

Yes, support for 2.4 would be a good progress

hello guys could someone tell me how to connect tftp the tp-link re200 for flashing

FYI - OpenWrt snapshot support for the RE200 v1 has been added with https://git.openwrt.org/?p=openwrt/openwrt.git;a=commit;h=a3010a7f8dbe04972efef16ed7d81b5fd72e9a94

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