If I install OpenWrt on my NanoStation 5AC Loco, will I be able to connect to NanoStation 5AC Loco via mobile devices?


I purchased 2x NanoStation 5AC Loco and I'm considering using OpenWrt firmware because I can't turn the AirMAX off with AirOS 8.

If I install OpenWrt on those devices, will I be able to connect via mobile devices to the AP?

Thank you!

Hi drdn, welcome to the community!

I had to read their FAQ to find out what that even meant, but then I've never used their firmware. From what I read, it seems very much like the extend phase of an attempt at an embrace/extend/extinguish vendor lock in strategy.

Well, there may be some caveats depending on your desired end-topology, but I see no reason why not. Are they both as extenders to an existing AP? IF so, what is the AP?

Thank you for the time to respond!

I have a network in my home, but I want to extend to a place 250 meters away from home.

I will mount the first 5AC Loco in the location where the ISP gives me connection, and second 5AC Loco to the location 250 meters away.

But, I want that the first 5AC Loco (AP) to be able to provide wifi even for mobile phones if they can see the AP, currently it is not possible with the AirOS 8

These Loco devices come with a second 2.4GHz management radio. In OpenWrt you can use it for connecting to the mobile phone (no idea about the coverage, since it's a small antenna).

The main wifi radio is 5GHz connected to a 14 dBi antenna used for making a long distance wireless bridge. With a WDS bridge in OpenWrt, you could even connect to this radio but only on the master side.

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I want to use 5GHz radio. And I also want to be able to connect to non-UBNT wifi devices (with my 5AC Loco) if I ever need to.

I wanted to make sure before installing OpenWrt to the devices

Yes, no problem. I see no issue with this.

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I will wait to see if anybody with the same device installed OpenWrt (hopefully) to confirm it. If not I will have to try it myself!

Thank you

Yes they work great for that. OpenWrt will operate both radios as a standard wifi device, which includes being able to operate as an AP for regular endpoints like tablets and phones. AirMax is proprietary to the stock firmware and will not be supported by OpenWrt.

Thank you guys