If building for >= 2 different mvebu devices & one being a mamba

To deal with the fan anomaly of the mamba device, I wanted to be able to utilise the ability of LEDE to build a per device rootfs as here. To this end I created a Makefile to allow selecting the @gufus fan_control as a package which allows you to add the fan_control package solely to the mamba build.

As a custom feed:

echo "src-link myfeed ../myfeed" >> feeds.conf.default mkdir myfeed;cd myfeed git clone https://github.com/anomeome/fan_control cd .. ./scripts/feeds install -a make menuconfig

You should then set as loadable package ("m") menu item Extra packages/Custom feed/mamba Fan control. Then as outlined in the link above, select the per device rootfs item, and append to the mamba device the "fan_control" package.


Caveat: As my build overrides the the default crontab with a custom setup from /files directory I did not have to deal with the default fan_ctrl.sh script. You may have to comment that out in your crontab if you are currently running with the OOTB setup.

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Sorry, I don't have any further info on this topic. I'm moving it, though, to the "For Developers" category, to give it more visibility for people who might know an answer.

I was neither looking for further information, nor an answer to a question, I posted this in the category chosen as it is simply a recipe to use the LEDE per-device rootfs facility for the purpose specified. It was used to generate a distinct image for the mamba device, relative to the other members of the WRTxx00acx family, as the mamba device is the only one in the family with a fan, and the need to control said fan.

Two changes:

  • adjust temperature thresholds to deal with elimination of cpu idle on mamba leading to higher runtime temperatures and fan speed oscillation.
  • environment variable change which yielded no auto start of fan on reboot.