Identifying region of the TPLINK Archer C20 V5

Hello! I'm Maurício, from Brazil. I've learned about OpenWrt project very recently, after I purchased a VPN plan from Surfshark. I'm planning to setup it directly in my wireless router, a TPLINK Archer C20 V5, but I'm not sure if the OpenWrt image is designed for the region of my device. Actually I can't even identify the region of the device at all, whether it is EU, US, or another one. It was manufactured in Brazil so I'm wondering if the OpenWrt firmware would work. I've noticed that the OpenWrt firmware is designed for the EU version.

I've downloaded the lastest firmware from the brazilian TP-Link website, and created a boot.bin file using the instructions from the installation guide on the device page, using these commands:

TP-Link image: tpl.bin
OpenWrt sysupgrade image: owrt.bin

 > dd if=tpl.bin of=boot.bin bs=131584 count=1
 > cat owrt.bin >> boot.bin

Below is a picture of the back of the device:

This is the info located on the bottom of the web interface:

Versão de Firmware:3.16.0 0.9.1 v6038.0 Build 191104 Rel.42012n
Versão de Hardware:Archer C20 v5 00000002
Número de série:319C162000656

Would it work in the device? And if it doesn't, would I be able to recover the original firmware if I installed using the Web-UI? Thanks in advance!