Identify LAN devices using each mwan3 interface


I am looking for a way to identify which LAN devices [IPv4] are using which specific mwan interface. [Two interfaces: wan, wan2] Currently mwan3 policy is balanced with matching metric and weight (m1 | w1), default_rule_v4, for equal round robin wan load balancing. (Netgear R7800, 21.02.02)

I can see aggregate traffic flowing across both interfaces though Luci | Network | Interfaces - however, I am seeking a way to show via GUI or CLI the MAC address or IP 192.168.1.x address of devices that are using each specific wan interface at any given moment.

For this inquiry, not looking to make device specific rules, [which would intentionally/explicitly identify a WAN interface].

Perhaps a simple solution or oversight on my end to get this information?

Thanks in advance for any insight or assistance.

Load balancing is not per device, it is per connection. If there are two processes using the Internet from the same device IP, they may be routed to different WANs.

Thanks for the response.

Yes, certainly. Even in that event, it would be advantageous to identify specific (originating) connections from which devices for performance tuning and/or troubleshooting.