Identify "known" wifi clients\stations

Searched and could not find much information on this, but is there any way to substitute a friendly label or alias for "known" wifi clients?

I use OpenWrt on MR1750 APs in our home, no DHCP services or anything else on the APs themselves.. and by default in LuCI they all just show up with a MAC address essentially.

Browsing that list it's quite hard to distinguish who is who in our modern Wifi-on-everything household these days. Previously these same APs were connected to Open Mesh's CloudTrax platform, which provided exactly this functionality.

You can declare static DHCP leases without IP in Network -> DHCP and DNS -> Static leases. Even if dnsmasq is disabled, LuCI will use this information to provide name hints for MAC addresses. Alternatively you can populate /etc/ethers via the cli.

/etc/ethers is more or less exactly what I'm looking for.

And now that I know what to search for, I see that this q has been asked and answered a few times before. Thank you for the help.

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I have been using this method (static DHCP lease without IP) since the lede days. After updating to 19.07.1, host names are no longer shown in luci for associated stations. My OpenWrt devices are being used as APs (not routing or prividing DHCP).

I just did a reset of one of my APs to see if it was an issue with the upgraded config. When I configure a static DHCP entry in luci, I noticed that the MAC addresses for currently associated stations are not listed (only devices shown listed with "ip neigh show" and the mac of the APs radio). Creating a static DHCP entry with a name and manually entering a MAC address still doesn't show the name under associated stations. This seems to be a regression from 18.06.

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