Identification of installed firmware

Concern. I would like to know which screen and/or field in the Luci interface, provides a clear identification and correlation with the Firmware that has been installed. When I download a version of firmware, I verify the SHA256. After I install the firmware it it unclear to me that there is information in Luci that clearly correlates what is installed with what I downloaded. Yes, I could probably compare every package that is installed, but I am looking for a single field that allows me to confirm what is installed and running is tied to a specific downloadable . If I am missing something. please refer me to an appropriate part of the documentation.

There is a "firmware version" field at the "status" page.


Maybe this helps: /etc/openwrt_release file

root@router2:~# cat /etc/openwrt_release
DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION='OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r11167-273a6cb562'
DISTRIB_TAINTS='no-all busybox'

Pretty much the same info is diskpayed in LuCI overview.

The name of the flashed file is naturally not stored anywhere, (as the user or the download site could have renamed the file before flashing, so there would be no point in storing that anywhere)

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In addition to the other locations noted above - the version can also be found:

  • on the banner upon login to the command line; and
  • at the bottom of all LuCI web pages (login not required)