Idea for Luci Theme

I notice that Luci Theme are becoming more and more a problem since we have now at least 6 theme that are proposed/to be maintened.

I would like to propose an idea to solve this.
The main problem is that @jow needs to maintain them if they get approved.

So why don't drop any "not official" theme and move them to the package repo with a warning that they can cause problem as they are not official. This way they won't have to be approved by jow (or reviewed) and new theme can be quickly get accepted and fixed/updated

It shouldn't be hard to change the Luci logic to check the available theme to solve the Luci dependency when Luci is not installed (the theme package just install the file, it's Luci scripts the scan the theme installed and use it)

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A "contrib" repository could be created, to host those themes with a buyers beware label, and make it installable with a "contrib-repo.ipk" package.