I'd like to make sure installing OpenWRT 22.03.5 won't brick my TL-WDR3500 v1.3

Hi all,

I have a brand new TL-WDR3500 v1.3 out of the box. Though looking at the hardware table, I only see TL-WDR3500 v1. Looking at its wiki page (which might be different if you're reading this in the future), I see two links of interested

In the "Supported Versions" section, I see to a link to the Chaos Calmer (15.05) Factory install

In the "Installation" section, I see a link to the Firmware OpenWrt Install (22.03.5)

I'd like to install the 22.03.5 version, as I'd like to use the banip package. But I'm really nervous about using that 22.03.5 instance. Will it work on v1.3 as well as v1?

I dont see any reason to worry, though the router might be practically unused, it is still just 11 years old tech parts, of ancient WiFi „n“ generation and probably worth 1€ if you would sell it on eBay. Its vendor firmware is no longer maintained since probably 8 years, so for security reasons, you can‘t practically use it anyway on the Internet without OpenWRT.

I would update it for fun and learning purposes and get a more recent WiFi main device for everyday usage, WiFi „n“ on such old access points is borderline slow considering modern router alternatives. Even if your clients are similarly ancient, any modern AC Wifi access point will still be able to serve WiFi „n“ a lot faster to old „n“ clients.

So consider your alternative options for a few seconds and then just give it a go…the way v22 is listed on that Wiki page lets me further assume, that the v22 image might just fit for any 1.x hardware, otherwise it would likely list a minor version note as well.

Successfully installed!

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