I'd like to improve my private network

Hi, I live in the second floor of a two story house with roomates. I configured a private network where my ASUS RT-N56U grabs the shared wifi through the 2.4ghz channel and broadcasts my own wifi network through 5ghz. It's fine but I find it starts to work sluggish after some days and it requires a reboot to operate again. Also, they installed a 5ghz router in the second floor which gives a lot better speed than what my router is grabbing, obviously. Now, I also happen to have a spare 5ghz router from when I lived alone, the internet company left it and never came over to pick it. I have the feeling I can put them to work together to create a better private network but I just lack the knowledge. I know creating networks is a complex issue but I love tweaking stuff like this so I'm willing to learn. If anyone thinks of a set up for this two gadgets please let me know.

The two routers are the ASUS RT-N56U and Huawei EchoLife HG8245W5.

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Neither are really good choices for OpenWrt. slow CPUs/low memory.

But if all you want to do is learn how to make a home network


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If I was in your situation I would set the connection from the shared router to WAN that way you would eliminate the chance of your room mates poking around your computer.

If you use the old router to connect to the WiFi use a cable and hook it up to the WAN of the openwrt router.

If you continue to use the openwrt router set it up as WAN.

Also your old router is more than likely not able to be setup as a WiFi client, unless its running openwrt too

Best approach would be to make friends with your neighbour.
Like mesh or wds (provided they run openwrt)
Both routers lack things, asus has just N wifi ie 72/144mbps vs gigabit wire while huawei is opposite.
one can be network switch other mesh or wds extender, but neither is universally great.
Some cost 30 bucks in some places, some 50 globally, any will serve your gigabit needs for next 9.5 years