I'd like to enable the 6.1 kernel for x86

There are only a few patches for x86, if I generate a default config, and modify the Makefile to enable experimental kernel, what else do I need to change to experiment with this?

You need to generate a default config both for x86 and 64 subtarget, and copy the patches respectively (while removing the unnecessary 5.21 backports etc.)

And declare the testing kernel.

But x86 looks straightforward.

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Look through the closed PRs of the last couple of days for a starting point.

What is the make target to create these?

I think I updated the default one with make kernel_menuconfig but how can I do the one for 64?

EDIT: https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pull/12982 but it was not without problems...

There's already a functioning distribution with 6.1 kernel: https://github.com/coolsnowwolf/lede