Icmp tunneling

is there an icmp tunneling in openwrt

Just what is "ICMP tunneling"? -- ICMP is an integral part of IPv4 and IPv6. I'm not sure it makes much sense without them.

Edit: No, if you're talking about trying to penetrate firewalls with "covert" payloads in ICMP messages, you're not going to find a "turn-key" solution with OpenWRT.

Edit 2: If you're asking "Is OpenWRT susceptible to ICMP tunneling?" then the answer is that its firewall can be configured to block "oversize" ICMP packets. See, for example:

Malicious ICMP Tunneling: Defense against the Vulnerability, Abhishek Singh, Ola Nordstrom, Chenghuai Lu, and Andre L.M. dos Santos, 2003

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