Icmp and Dscp what number?

hello my basic fai marks icmp packages in cs6

if I put a script like qos simple de lynx or other

I should put the same dscp cs6 or leave cs0

thank you in advance for your reply

Do you have software/devices in your network configured to recognize them?

what do you mean, I have behind my box the belkin router under OpenWrt and then I just use wireshark no capture switch or other just the router connected to the computer and my game console.

Your ISP/fai marks ALL ICMP packets CS6? That seems uncommon... my ISP marks a few ICMP responses from its core devices CS6 (like TTL exceeded) but leaves the bulk of ICMP traffic unmarked. Are you sure that all ICMP traffic is returned CS6, and that this is not a result of your own traffic engineering?


thank you for your insight moeller as always

a rule I had added in the script that had gone astray :slight_smile:

problem solved

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