I2C RTC Support in OpenWrt-19.07.7

anyone here have a working i2c rtc in OpenWrt-19.07.7, the packages for both the boards ive used previously have been removed and when i try adding manually im getting errors

this is all built on a raspberry Pi B+

ive got both the tiny i2c ds1307 and a SD3077 module

happy to get anything that i know will work as my project requires rtc


I have RTC module working on 19.07.6 with kmod-rtc-ds1307
What errors do you have?

i cant even add the package, its not in the repository, and when i download it manually (from an older repo) and try and use it that way im getting a non compatible hardware error?

also ive checked the repo (https://downloads.openwrt.org/releases/19.07.6/targets/brcm2708/bcm2708/kmods/4.14.215-1-1e1f49421f1facff51a1411021c6d082/) for 19.07.6 and its not in kmods so do you know where you got the package from?

I'm using RTC with MT7628, not RPi.

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yup, rtc also works with Gl iNet too but not RPI it seems

what are you using to level shift the 1307?
what is your config.txt?

hi, sorry im very new to all this, which .txt file do i need to cat?