I would really appreciate some step by step guide, i have internet now, and some working dhcp lease, but need another config

Hi there i have flashed the newest openwrt on an WE826 ZBT router. I did manage to get internet working but it's a wierd setup! I used this one..

Now i get a DHCP lease to the laptop if i use automatic leases, etc..
I did re-flash some old barrier breaker firmware that was from like 10 years ago to the newest openwrt instead, i liked that one, but it's way old.. I want those settings, but need a guide on how to set that up myself instead.. mostly the backup settings.
If i install the newest openwrt and upload some barrier breaker configs the internet gets locked, i can't download packages, anyone knows why and the fix?

The ip is to access the router now, instead of also.. Does that matter?
I really need internet, i have it now, but yeah i also complicate stuff.. But yeah, is this even a secure setup? It does not feel right to have dhcp..
The breaker firmware had another setup, but i don't know the settings or what packages i need to download.. Any help and some step by step guide would be really nice! Been trying to get internet to work for like a week now.. Finally got it working. But i'm not satisfied with the setup really. :slight_smile:

Any easy "set up openwrt for dummies" out there, but for the breaker firmware? That was like plug and play...

Maybe 2 guides if one fail?

This is completely expected. The configs (in terms of the syntax) are absolutely, positivley not supported for a version that is almost 10 years old...

You need to reset to defaults and configure from scratch.

Generally speaking, the configuration is usually not very hard to do, as long as you don't have a complex setup.

OpenWrt is well documented:

If you get stuck, ask for specific help here -- you'll need to be able to provide information about your desired configuration and also share your current config files in order to get specific help. Currently, your questions are just too general (execept insofar as the old config files you're trying to use which is clear question with an even clearer answer), but we're happy to help if you provide us with enough detail.

Thanks! But the thing is i need a way way more detailed answer and more specific instructions then that. Because i don't have internet if i reset the router for the 10th time, i did this yesterday. So i need to go to other places to even download packages, etc.. If i can't download them offline and install?

I'm looking for a step by step guide for a similar setup as the barrier breaker firmware. I appreciate your answer, but it was not specific.. Or step by step. Thanks

I really don’t get this? DHCP has been the standard for more than 10years.

What exactly do you want to have instead?

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Can you be more specific about what packages you need to install? Generally speaking, you can install them offline, but it can be a pain. It's much easier with your router online, but of course this depends on the other details.

What I gave you has all the major documentation. At a high level, the setup of modern OpenWrt isn't all that different than the older versions, but the syntax (command line, file structures, etc.) has certainly changed. If you're using the LuCI web interface, it should be pretty straight forward.

But, the idea of step by step really depends on the specifics of your connection and requirements. Can you provide details about what you need to achieve?

By default, OpenWrt sets up a lan on the network, and it has a wan interface defined with a DHCP protocol. Wifi is disabled by default. Many people can get runnign simply by plugging their router into their network connection and enabling wifi. Others may need to setup PPPoE credentials or static IP information (static is rare).

If you use https://firmware-selector.openwrt.org/?version=22.03.5&target=x86%2F64&id=generic and add
qmi-utils + luci-proto-qmito the package list, you should get an image with 4g support working out of the box, assuming those are the only packages (+ their dependencies) you need.

This version had another setup, but maybe not.. I might have dont this the wrong way, i'm not sure.. How do i connect this setup to other routers, etc? Do i need dhcp leases and set up for them and so on?

You might be right that this one had the same settings kinda..

I tried setting up openvpn in the setup i have now but the connection seemed to get blocked after that.. I could not connect to the internet even. I could do that with the default firmware for routers, but it was way old..
So i also want to be able to set up an vpn and get that working, etc. Not sure if i have the right setup for a ZBT router right now or not?

That sounds awesome! Thank you! But which version of those should the router i mentioned have? It's 16MB..
Are the firmwares clean? Is that an official openwrt site you linked, or someones personal builds?
Ok i thought about the firmware-selector. part, but might be this site then. Sounds good. But yeah there where a few versions of the firmware..


Wrong device, i thought you had a PC, since you linked to the teklager site.

You need to find out which version you've got, specifically, those images are device specific.

And yes, this is the official site.

What's the differences in that setup and the one i did in the guide?

No problems.. Yeah can you find a similar solution for the ZBT one i mentioned? WE826-B.


The image builder is available for all devices.

It'll just add the packages to the image.

BUT, since you have the ZBT, and not a PC, share internet from you phone, via wifi, and gave the ZBT join the network, to get internet access

On the ZBT, already running Openwrt, do network > wireless > scan > join.
Put the connection in the wan firewall zone.

Thanks, but that's not a well informed answer... If you read what the router can do..

It does have wifi, no ?

It's a temp setup to get the packages in place, if you don't go down the image builder road.

aha you meant like that.. To get the packages.. Well, i don't use smartphones. :slight_smile:
Thanks though. Might get one.. Some old one got stolen actually.. hmm. I kinda forgot it outside. Otherwise i would use that, if there where no thieves around.
So the config i have now is not good for the zbt then? How should it be set up?

Any step by step guides?

Image builder it is then.

That sounds interesting. Can you be more specific? :slight_smile: Any guides, etc? Thanks!

Use https://firmware-selector.openwrt.org/, put in your device name, add the packages you need in the 2nd screen (click the tiny black arrow), download the image, and flash it.

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That sounds very nice.
thanks! What packages are needed for that router then?

You would need to review the relevant Wikis listing the packages for what you desire. Otherwise, the default list should work, with one addition of:

  • luci for the web GUI; or
  • luci-ssl for the HTTPS version (takes more flash space)

For e.g. if you need OpenVPN, you'll need to add those packages.

Hope this helps.