I want to set up multiple SOCKS5 proxy IPs in OpenWRT

I want to install a plugin in OpenWRT, which allows me to set multiple proxy IPs.

I wish to set rules that let each proxy IP correspond to a different network card.

Suppose I set up 10 SOCKS5 proxy IPs corresponding to my 10 network cards, which then correspond to my 10 computers. I require each computer to have a different SOCKS5 IP.

Moreover, all the computers' TCP and UDP traffic should entirely utilize the SOCKS5 network.

Please note that I require concurrent use, which means using these SOCKS5 proxies simultaneously, and I demand it to run stably.

Anyone who can help me, I'm willing to pay a high price.

Have a look at the redsocks package. You would have to run multiple instances to bind it on specific interface/IP and then it will connect to different upstream proxy.

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Can you solve my problem? I'm willing to pay the high cost

I have not used it myself, so I cannot guarantee to fix anything. You can give it a try and discuss here the progress.

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Then I'm sure a scammer or hacker will inbox you soon. While you'll end up paying a high cost, I doubt it'll solve your problem.

My advice is the same as trendy:

Feel free to ask questions - posing questions here tends to get better (and safer) responses than offers of payments.

Once again, help for a commercial development project is requested here. When you check upwrk , you will find this project posted, yesterday. Just search for openwrt. Thus, the question arises, whether this thread was started by the same individual, who posted the project on upwrk, supposed to be willing to pay up to $2000, OR somebody, who wants to earn the money, by means of help for free here. This is not the first time, such a request for help-for-free I discovered here.

Well, I'll be darned!

The OP is trying to hustle the community!