I want to set ddns using Duck dns

i want to set ddns using Duckdns i have tried but i failed
i am using openwrt router behind router
Any help pleas

fwiw, I have an old LEDE 17 router sitting behind another ISP facing router, updating DuckDNS and ChangeIP dns services. This works for me.

Under Advanced Settings

Under Basic Settings, for LEDE 17, I use:

  • Ensure Duckdns is selected provider.
  • Lookup Hostname = myowndns.duckdns.org
  • username = myowndns
  • password = duckdns token

For OpenWrt 21.02, there is an additional field called 'domain'. Perhaps replicate 'Lookup Hostname' ??

Good luck.

Thanks for your reply
But in the url to detect = http://checkip.dydns.com
Leave it as it or i need to replace it with Duckdns domain
Thanks again

You should use URL to detect = http://checkip.dyndns.com.

Try entering http://checkip.dyndns.com in any web browser :wink:

Thanks it worked finally

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