I want to know if the NANOPI R2S will do what I need

Come on, I want to take the load off my router/AP and leave it on a nanopi2s or nanopi2s Plus “I'm still unsure which one: is it more worth it with the SD card? I already have a 64Gb SD” today I have a 750mb/350mb internet link, can I pass all this bandwidth on it?, serial something more basic just router even distributing DHCP, network control, more stability, I already have a mini PC N5095 with several things Pi-hole, Home Assistant, NAS and so on, I didn't want to mix things up, I say this because I don't think using Docker on it would really be for OpenWTR, I would use a tailscale vpn to access the entire network externally, Can anyone help me?

R2S can handle 750Mbps internet without problem, but not with SQM, if you don't need SQM this will be fine, otherwise getting R4S will be better, also R4S provides better VPN speed due to much stronger CPU.