I want to install on my NAS DS920+ a version of OpenWrt on Virtual Machine, but I can't get it to boot

I don't know if I'm downloading the correct version, but try the version. x86 and x86/64.

  • Combined-Efi
  • combined
  • roots

And I had to convert the .img to .iso, and also configured as Linux Distribution, and others OS, Also tried to boot with EFI and BIOS with no success

DS920+ supposedly supports docker. Perhaps simplest to look here:


What type of virtual machine hypervisor / software are you trying to run it in?

There is a virtual box image.

Use x86_64 since you have a 64 bit CPU. Use a "combined" image, see below. The choice of ext4 or squashfs is how the file systems are organized, either one will work. The choice of EFI or not depends on whether your virtual BIOS supports EFI booting.

OpenWrt does not have an installer like most Linux OS. It is distributed as a direct disk image. When uncompressed with gzip and written block by block (raw) to a virtual disk, there will be a partition table and two partitions. Boot this disk as a legacy OS.

Im using Virtual Machine Manager (https://www.synology.com/es-mx/dsm/feature/virtual_machine_manager).

Hello Friend,

I'm trying to make it work on DS 920+ but without success.
Did you manage ?