I want to create a camper/camping network based upon a LinkSys WRT3200ACM

Hello forum users,

Recently, I purchased a LinkSys WRT3200ACM and installed OpenWRT on it. The goal is to have a network from the camper and connect it to the camping network. However, I'm facing the Faraday effect due to the metal wall of my camper, which severely impacts the bandwidth going outside. Therefore, I have a question about the possibility of connecting an external antenna, for example, through the USB 3.0 port or a LAN port.

I'm considering an external dual-band antenna with high dB gain, omni-directional, and transmitting and receiving in a donut style. It should allow me to configure the antenna with software to connect to a camping network.

Do any of you have experience with what I'm asking? What can you recommend?

Thank you in advance for your possible responses and recommendations.



Keep your main router inside the camper. Then set up a "Dumb AP" on a second device and place it outside when you are present; connect it via ethernet cable (LAN port from router to LAN port on Dumb AP) through the window or a conduit from the camper.

I agree with @BigRon. Connect a dumb AP via ethernet.

There are outdoor rated APs, several of which can run OpenWrt. If I had to guess, they're probably fine for outdoor use under normal circumstances, but may not be sufficiently sealed to prevent water/dust ingress whne you are driving in inclimate weather (falling rain is quite different than rain while driving at 60mph/100kmph). So you can either bring it inside when you are moving your camper, or you could consider enclosing it in a weather sealed plastic utility box to shield it from the elements.

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On top of that, the WRT3200ACM would not at all be my first (or 10th) choice for a purpose like this, due to the pitiful state of its wireless drivers.

Thanks..... Will it then appear as a radio in the wireless screen, and can I also scan it?

No, it will not appear as a radio in your main router's interface. It will be its own independent device. Assuming it's running OpenWrt or some other 'standalone' firmware, you'd log into the dumb AP just like you'd log into your existing router and from there you can do scans and administration of that device.