I want to build qt5 libraries for openwrt?

I use Ubuntu 16.04.1. I use OpenWrt chaos calmer 15.05.01 version. I want to build qt5.7 libraries for openwrt. I dont find Makefile, qmake.mk and configurations. I will design an interface project for the AM437x processor. Can you help me?
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qt5.7 is no longer supported why don't you use a version that is currently supported.

Similarly with OpenWrt only 17.X and 18.X are currently supported

Someone has been doing somework

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Thank you for your support. But this makefile is not enough to design the interface.Some libraries are missing. Ex :libGLESv2.so.2 .And I don't know how it is added.

try contacting the author of the package

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I've tried. But I have not passed. I'm open to different solutions.