I think I bricked my router (TP-Link TL-WR840N v5)

So I was trying to setup OpenVPN using an .ovpn file, struggled with googling and got mad so I tried to flash stock firmware back and just give up. In the middle of it the power shut down in my house basically making the restore incomplete...the router blinks green every like 3 seconds I think and when I hold the reset/wps button it blinks red for a bit and then return to the green blinking...I am kind of a noob with all of this so please bare with me and thank you in advance for helping
The version last installed was openwrt v18.06.09 and I was trying to flash this version from tp-link website: https://www.tp-link.com/en/support/download/tl-wr840n/v5/#Firmware

Hello. Can you try to hold reset button and then turn on the device. What happens then? There is maybe some recovery feature (TFTP maybe) in your bootloader that could save your device. Recovery installation is not for beginners and is not simple.

If it supports some kind of recovery procedure then you should do something like this

  • Start your router in recovery mode (probably TFTP server or client)
  • Connect your PC with routers LAN port directly
  • Look with tcpdump for IP addresses that router is advertising itself (there is no DHCP) and IP of the TFTP server
  • Assign static IP for your PC accordingly
  • Start TFTP server on your PC and look for filename your router is looking for
  • Rename OEM firmware file accordingly and put it in TFTP folder
  • Router should pick up the file and install it

There are some great resources online about generic debricking of routers

Good luck!

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as for this, it blinks once green then turns off then blinks red really fast for a bit before turning green once again

Edit: removed the mistake about tcpdump being linux only

So the next best thing you could do would be to attach UART and see if it is sending some messages. If there is nothing on UART, then only thing i can think of is to reflash memory chip (it is possible that even that will not work).

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Sorry for the late reply but I tired for 2 days and couldn't get it to work, so I went to a technician and they told me that it's basically e-waste ...