I need v2ray but i don't have free space

I only have 1.7 mb free space.what can i do?

It all depends on how much space you actually have on your router, what other packages you need and what you can afford to omit.

See this article for starters:

There is only one simple solution, upgrading the hardware to a device providing sufficient resources or re-adjusting expectations and not installing optional packages.


Why does temp space have a lot of space but disk space is small?

'A lot' is extremely relative. /tmp is half your RAM by default (it can be reallocated dynamically). Nothing you can gain from abusing /tmp.

So there is no solution?

What is your router model? If it has a USB port you can store files on an external flash drive. Being written in Go, v2ray probably needs a lot of RAM to run you would want at least 128 MB.

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He's got 64 MB RAM probably, going by /tmp.

tl-mr6400.It does not have a USB port.i need vmess or vless protecol.my country is Iran and the internet is down.because the Chinese filter is used, it is possible to connect to the Internet only through v2ray

You have a device with 8MB of flash storage and 64MB RAM. This is sufficient to run OpenWrt (although marginal), but obviously you cannot install many packages.

The link I provided in my first response explains how to free up space -- you have to build your own images and omit the things you do not need. You may or may not be able to free up enough space, but that's the only method you'll be able to use at this point.

Alternatively, get a device with more flash/RAM, or at least one with a USB port or SD card slot to be able to use extroot.

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If I want to use http proxy and port, which package should I install?when the internet is down, I can connect to the internal servers with this method and connect to the internet through that, although it is not secure.

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