I need to change the TTL on a 4g H3S router

Cordial greeting, I need to change the ttl on a 4g H3S router but I have not been able to enter by ssh or telnet, if someone knows the way to enter the router please tell me. @frollic @GaboDotCodes

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I have tried with several usernames and passwords and none works for me, in the web environment it enters with admin and admin.

Is this device running OpenWrt?

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I dont not helpme

This is the OpenWrt forum -- a place that focuses on OpenWrt. If your device doesn't use OpenWrt (or uses a customized version), you will need to ask the people who provide/support the firmware on your device (possibly the manufacturer).


The network the users are connected to

option network 'lan'
option gatewayname 'OpenWrt Nodogsplash'
option maxclients '250'
option idletimeout '1200'

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