I need this pfsense(?) feature in OpenWrt plugin


Is it possible to see somehow the same in OpenWrt?

  • See what?
  • Can you provide a description of what you mean by "the same"?
  • Do you want to save the data, or do you wish to install some kind of LuCI app?

If you want to save flow data, softflowd can be installed an configured to a collector.

Other than duration of indvidual flows, this information is already available at Status > Realtime Graphs > Connections.

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use tcpdump :grinning:

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I wish to see individual flows in LuCI web UI

Nope :stuck_out_tongue: Never :stuck_out_tongue:


Ummmmmm....the page does show "individual flows"...they're called "connections".

If this seriously concerns you, I suggest making a custom firmware and renaming the LuCI page to "Flows".

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