I need some help - x86 and RTL8156B

Hi, I'm new here... but I use OpenWrt for some time.

First on Linksys EA6350 v3. But this old router is not powerful enough for 1Gb Internet.

Now on Intel NUC with N3700 and 2 x RTL8111H (one NIC was already onboard. I installed second one using m.2 slot which was used by WiFi/BT module). I don't use WiFi on this Router, I have 2 Linksys AP for it.

Maybe someone will find this info useful.

It looks nice and after a few years keeping this old NUC in drawer I started using it again.

But... it is still not good enough for my 1Gb Internet. I need faster NIC

So... I managed to do some stuff myself... but now I need help.

I have to upgrade both Ethernet adapters to 2.5Gb.

Unfortunately the only option is to use USB adapters. I know that this is not the ideal solution... but would like to try to use it for some time.

I have 2 x RTL8156B USB adapters.

Could someone please guide me what I have to do to make them working with OpenWrt 23.05.3 ?

I can install OpenWrt from scratch if needed... this is not a problem.

kmod-usb-net-rtl8152 might be everything needed; if not, post the output of lsusb (from usbutils) with the USB ethernet cards attached.

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Thank you for answer.

Yes, after I installed kmod-usb-net-rtl8152 USB cards were discovered and started...


But it wasn't great experience... lots of problems with 80% packet loss when did diagnostic tests when connected to 2.5GbE port in my cable modem.

When connected it to 1GbE port in my cable modem... then lost packets problem was solved but internet speed was up to 500Mb.

All of this wasn't the fault of the Ethernet cable, I did check this.

At the end I connected this USB Ethernet adapters to my W11 Tablet.

Installed drivers and... discovered that this adapters are problematic. Max speed I got was around 100-500Mb. But when I replaced this RTL8156B adapters with Amazon Basic Ethernet USB adapter... everything went to normal... I got transfers around 940Mb which is the max what 1GbE can do.

So... one more time... thank you for showing me the solution. Unfortunately my RTL8156B USB adapters are rubbish.

I ordered them from Aliexpress and will return them.

Could you please suggest me what other USB 2.5GbE adapters could be OK?


Trying with USB 2.5GbE adapters is already lost case and I will only lose more time.

Just a word of caution, 2.5GBASE-T (especially via USB) might exceed the capabilities of your system (CPU).

Thanks again for answer.

Yes I'm aware of this problem. I was reading about USB Ethernet adapters and higher CPU usage.

I made decision to give up with looking for better USB adapters and will look for new router.

I started this thread:

NanoPi R6S vs. N100 with i226 LAN - Hardware Questions and Recommendations - OpenWrt Forum

There are quite a few mini PCs using alderlake-n/ n100 and four 2.5GBASE-T ports on the market.

Could you please recommend some exact models including the good and trusted source to buy it?

No, I can't (and I don't want to advertise any particular option either).

I'm still fine with an old Atom j1900 and its four 1000BASE-T ports, so I had no need to look into the pesky details of comparing the various contemporary offerings. While I got mine very cheap (used) a while ago, I would look at n100 today, if my j1900 would break - not because I needed the speed (although it's nice to have), but because of its lower idle power (~5 watts to be expected) rating alone. It's not enough to replace my current j1900 (11 watts idle), but it would be something I'd consider, if I had to shell out money today.

Viable options are starting around 120 EUR (delivered/, incl. VAT if you are a bit patient to wait for a sale) to ~230 EUR from the slow ship. The tests I've seen for them suggest them to be pretty decent, but for the details you will have to do your own market research. If you order from abroad, the risk is yours, but you may easily face 30%-50% lower prices (and at least the D.o.A. cases seem to be handled well) - if you buy from a local importer, you may get a nice stick-on label and better warranty promises for a markup. It's a conscious decision to take.

Thanks for answer.

I use (after keeping it for last few years in drawer) NUC5PPYH with N3700 CPU.

Managed to add second NIC using m.2 slot designed for WiFi/BT module.

Will not try with USB Ethernet 2.5GbE adapters. Learned my lesson today.

The only problem is that it have 2 x 1GbE which is 940Mbps but my ISP is offering me 1130Mbps.

My home network is capable to run it without any problems.

So... why have only 940Mbps if I can have 1130Mbps :wink:

Realistically, that would be negligible and not worth the expense of an upgrade, your inner Monk might disagree though (and longer term, mine probably would as well…). At least it's not something that requires immediate or hurried action…


I agree with you in 100%

But sometimes this extra 190Mbps may help.

I'm not in rush with it... also the plan is to have backup router.

This is why I'm looking for a new one with 2 x 2.5GbE and current one will stay as backup.

I like to keep critical stuff with backup option. The same way I keep 1 x 20M OM3 fibre cable as spare just in case. This is critical cable which connect both parts of the house. So if something would happen to current one... I can replace it quickly.

But without it... whole smart home installation would be affected.

The same way I keep old 1GBps switches as backup.

Earlier was thinking to keep my old Linksys EA6350 v3 as backup but this is pointless as this router is too slow for 1Gb internet.

I can't remember now the max speed I got from it using OpenWrt 23.05.3 but it was around 600Mbps or 750Mbps max.

So... there is no rush... but if I will find something interesting for a reasonable price... I will try it.

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