I need some help with a custom build for my old router

I have an old router, which is almost a decade old, but I don't want to throw it in the dustbin. Instead, I want to test/learn OpenWRT on it. However, the problem is that the router is ancient and there are no firmware available for it.

I found a thread where a guy guides how to build the firmware, but I don't have enough knowledge to build it. If someone can help me with the build, then it would be great.

He said, 'What is changed is at 0x44 to change to 00360001 and fix the checksum (using fixsum).'

I don't know how to change 0x44 to 00360001 and fix the checksum.

Router: TP-Link TL-WR741ND (v2)
Link: https://openwrt.org/releases/18.06/notes-18.06.9


Let's just be clear, this device no longer meets minimum system requirements (4/32) and hasn't been supported for almost half a decade by now. Given the security status, this device shouldn't be used anymore and should be replaced by a supported alternative (there are quite cheap options on the various used markets, as well as the the first new ones starting around 15-20 EUR/ USD delivered).

It's not about money, it's just for experimental purposes. I don't even use it in daily life

There are still:

  • security issues amass, wan-side and wlan side, the system is highly vulnerable and can be abused as jump host for further attacks, inside and outside
  • you won't reasonably get modern OpenWrt into less than ~5.5 MB, which is quite a bit more than you have
  • once the wireless starts up, RAM will become a problem
  • ancient versions aren't at all representative for modern OpenWrt, so there's little to no value for experimenting either

These devices are a case for the recycling bin.

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dd-wrt still supports your router, you will not get much learning on a minimal device even by their measures.

@brada4 is right that router is still supported by DDWRT (FWIW) it is possible it even supports WireGuard.
But could well be frustrating as it does not gets much attention by the DDWRT devs as they do not have that router any more.

So if you are seeking something to play with I would look elsewhere

why would it, it was dropped when 18.06 was EOL:ed.

Sorry it did not formulated that very well, I meant attention by DDWRT (I redacted my post).
So bottom line do not bother with this router.

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