I need some help... I can not reach my router after installing OpenWrt


I installed this: lede-17.01.4-ramips-mt7620-dch-m225-squashfs-factory.bin, using the update interface of my router, a D-Link DCH-M225.
Well, but now I can not connect to the router, because I can not see it on the router list.
I just read here on another post that Wireless is disabled by default for security, but how can I connect to the router now? This router does not have any port to connect.
Thanks for any help.


suggests that you can enable the wlan by pressing the device's wps button, wait for the device to have fully booted up (2-3 minutes) before trying.

Don't know about your hardware but I'm guessing you will need serial access now :open_mouth: wifi is disabled by default in openwrt

I just found on another post, about the same router, a solution to revert to original firmware.

"The good news is that it is possible to recover to original d-link firmware by using the reset+ power (holding the pin in the reset hole for about 5s while powering the unit), an open wifi network appears and the recovery menu can be accessed using a browser on ip" by jedrek.

But, that means I can not use the Openwrt with this router? Is there a version with Wireless enabled by default?

WPS button didn't worked.
I already reinstalled the original firmware. But I guess, I can not use Openwrt with this one.

You could probably compile your own with wifi settings in place and enabled

Well, I don't know how to do that. rsrsrss

It's actually not that hard to build your own, esp if you already have a Debian box, by using the ImageBuilder. If you don't you can run it in a VM, hosted under Windows if you like.