I need new openwrt or lede for wa7510 please help

i have wa7510 1.3 version of acces point i want these fimver in hope to have good signal on wide channels becouse of copy big files , i also use good instructions for using these ap on 5ghz on 40HT what channel is best and how to set long range please

4mb flash, not going to get any newer images than 18.06.9 unless you build your own, and start stripping parts.

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but there is openwrt image under install theme
can i use that to flash?


also there is andyx image for wa7510 what should i use what is better ?

on link

do you say i can use 18.06.9 i was asking for new becouse of good work also old version will do ok :slight_smile: i hope ? did it works ok?


you should be able to use the -factory bin for installing, but don't expect any new updates.

LEDE is older than the 18.06.9, and EOL, I'd stick with OpenWRT.

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ok thank you frollic :slight_smile:

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