I need mgetty for latest OpenWrt snapshot for retro dial-up server

I want to make a simple dial-up server using dogemicrosystems's guide and would like to use the minimal amount of hardware, thus a custom OpenWrt build for Arcadyan VGV7510KW22 (o2 Box 6431) + USRobotics USR5637 USB 56k modem seem the best choice.

However it seems that the mgetty package is no longer available in the latest code from git.
How can I add it back? Or should I just use an older release codebase - in that case, how can I find out when mgetty was removed?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

As far as I can find, the last trace of mgetty is from 2014, before the packages were moved to GitHub.


Looks like nobody has been interested in the packages since then, and nobody has assumed the maintainership and imported it into the "new packages feed" in GitHub (which has been the current one since 2014...).

...too far away in history to be useful...

I believe agetty should support dialup modems too. But you are way into pre-historic hardware and should not expect any ready-made or tested software solutions....

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@hnyman @bmork Thanks for your feedback! This is for a retrocomputing project at the Slovenian Computer Museum where I volunteer :slight_smile: I have the whole setup working great with a Raspberry Pi but would like to shrink it down to one device (+ USB modem attached to it) in a kind of "dial-up ISP in-a-box" way.

I have now "downgraded" to OpenWrt 15.05.1 "Chaos Calmer", am building it in Debian Jessie and will try using this mgetty feed next: https://github.com/adrianguenter/wrt-packages

Update: Managed to build it! Now will test the x86 build since my o2 box arrives next week.
Update 2: I realized I will also need to get asterisk_channel_lantiq working :slight_smile: More info to follow...

New updates:

  • Even though I was able to build mgetty for OpenWrt 15, I was then unable to make a successful build with asterisk and asterisk_chan_lantiq
  • I then tried OpenWrt/LEDE 17 but also encountered compile errors beyond my ability to fix
  • Then I reverted back to the latest openwrt from git and fixed mgetty compile errors - I have documented everything in my repo and attached the mgetty package Makefile and patches
  • I am compiling everything on Windows 10 WSL2 and it works great - note that I have not received the o2 box yet so am unable to test on real hardware yet
  • Will keep you updated :slight_smile: