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Hi. I recently got a 4g WiFi router from Amazon. I had some trouble because the instructions that came with it were for a different one I guess. I contacted the help dept in China and they gave me a set of instructions that still did not work, but I looked up OpenWRT since that is the software on it. I noticed that the distrubition was from 2008, I think, so I got the updated generic version since there isn't an update I can find for my specific device. I had more trouble so I looked at some of the forum posts and YouTube videos for simular routers. I am still at square one with a router that works as a wifi. I assume that it will receive a wired network, but I am using a thumb-drive wifi stick at the moment and honestly, really don't know how to use OpenWRT enough to set it up as an extender so I am having trouble connecting it so it can look for available packages. Will someone please help me out? I'd appriciate it.

I updated the router to { lede-17.01.4-ar71xx-generic-ap147-010-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin }.

@totalN00b, welcome to the community!

  • Configure it as an extender of what?
  • So are you saying you successfully flashed official OpenWrt?
  • Perhaps you should give more details of what you wish to accomplish - opposed to pictures and hardware specs.

How is it connected to the internet?
How are you connected to this router?
The default address is, you can try to SSH or browse. Do you see anything?

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Yes, thank you. I successfully flashed the official OpenWRT. What I wish to accomplish is to configure it to operate as a mobile hot-spot. I only have access to the internet through a thumb drive WiFi stick. I can connect to it with a cable and can turn the WiFi on and off, but but I don't know how to connect it to the internet and update the box so I can get the packages to use the LTE card. I am trying to replace the WiFi stick with this device but only have the WiFi stick as a web access to update and configure the box.

This Wifi stick is a client device or acts as an access point?

The default installation of the OpenWrt supports DHCP, static or PPP type of connections for the wired or wireless part. If you need another type of connection in order to connect to the internet, you'll have to share somehow the connection to the router to download the necessary packages.
Check travelmate after you sort out the internet connectivity.

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