I need help , how to prevent wifi from dissociation attack

Hi, newdays i am facing a problem with my wifi, a bad neighbor is doing a attack on my network and kick off users so i have to restart the router and do it again and ..... I tried to hid wifi but didn't work :cry: :cry:
Is there any way to prevent my network from this .

You can enable IEEE 802.11w (and/ or switch to WPA3/ SAE (not mixed mode, 802.11w=required), as it mandates the use of IEEE 802.11w), which is the protocol deisgned to prevent fraudulent de-authing attacks. The downside however is, that all of your clients need to support this feature to profit from it - and that sadly isn't a given.

Enabling 802.11w optionally (instead of in required mode) would allow selected devices to use this feature, leaving those not supporting it vulnerable, but still able to connect to your AP (as long as they are not under attack, at least). Unfortunately the implementation of many devices ignores 802.11w as long as it's only optional, so even devices which could do it (in required mode) would opt not to use it to communicate (and some Apple devices won't talk to APs with optional 802.11w at all, while they do support it in required mode).

If all of your devices are new (and highend-) enough to support this feature (and/ or WPA3/ SAE), you should use this feature - it solves this particular problem once and for all. In practice sadly many devices won't do this (properly).


Have a script to change your WiFi Mac address. This is a cat/mouse game

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Yes bro :rofl: it's like a cat mouse game a just turn router on and off so channel changed

then your bad neighbour lacks the skill/knowledge. You do not need to manually channel locked to launch a deauth

No i am not changing manual it auto.and my neighbor is script kiddi

Thanks for your information :cowboy_hat_face:

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