I need detailed instructions on how to install OpenWrt in TP-Link C58HP router

I've checked it's page on OpenWrt website but the instructions aren't detailed or specific to TP-Link C58HP. I don't want to damage the router in the process of installing OpenWrt.

So can anyone tell me how can I install OpenWrt on TP-Link C58HP?

On this page: https://openwrt.org/toh/hwdata/tp-link/tp-link_archer_c58_v1

It lists 4 different firmware files for this device which of these files should I use? On a YouTube video, a user flashed their different TP-Link router with *squashfs-factory.bin file through the router's web interface, can I do this? This method seems simpler than the TFTP method.

I'm unable to download DD-WRT tftp GUI program because my internet doesn't support ftp protocol. Are there any alternative TFTP servers or clients.

What is the exact way I should used TFTP installation method with C58HP? Should I press and hold the reset button and power on? Does C58HP have TFTP server or client, to what IP address should I configure my PC to initiate the TFTP installation.

If possible I prefer to install it via web ui of the router, is this possible with C58HP?

snapshots are betas (without webUI), factory (with webUI) is for installing, sysupgrade (in most cases) for upgrading devices already running openwrt.


TFTPD64 is a good TFTP server for Win - https://pjo2.github.io/tftpd64/

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