I *love* OpenWrt

Just posting to say what a fan I am. I recently switched from ddwrt to OpenWRT and I can't say how much I'm enjoying the switch. The ability to add in the features I want, like WG or adblock, and not include ones I don't is huge. I love the simplicity of configuration via CLI and the ability to back up settings as easily as running scp.

Terrific, terrific work folks. I can't remember why I settled on ddwrt over openwrt, although I think it was because my router wasn't supported initially. But in the future, I won't be buying any router that doesn't have openwrt support available.


I remember being a DD-WRT user myself, but 10,000 - 20,000 revisions later, the software felt the same... or even buggier for no reason... same old 2.4 kernel... 3.0 was like... HERE BE DRAGONS for years...