I lost acces to my TL-WDR3600

Hi, some years ago I used my TL-WDR3600. I lost the ssh keys and have no Idea how to "break in" my own hardware again. Is it best to try a "fresh install" as if nothing had happened ever? Thank you,

How about webinterface login? Not enabled or also lost that password?

You mean TL-WDR3600, right?
Do you have OpenWrt running on this device or OEM firmware?

Did you try the failsafe procedure?

yes,sorry for the misprint.

Webinterface not enabled. I am a terminal-guy :slight_smile:Only ports that are open are 22 and 53.

I did not try "failsafe" because I do not (yet) understand how to do that. I guess I have to connect via cable while booting the router, and then do something magic. The OpenWRTis from 2014, so an old version ...

Failsafe is accessed by pressing the reset button while the System (gear icon) LED flashes rapidly during boot. It will start to flash very rapidly if successful. A reset to defaults is done by allowing to boot fully then hold down the reset button for 5 seconds and release.

Either way you can then ssh with no password to The failsafe mode preserves files in flash which you can examine or modify after running mount_root.

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Thank mk24. It blinks quickly, but that also seems to remove the DHCP server. At least I get no IP address on my debian machine. Set it by hand. SSH is off, but telnet works (?).

I am not allwed to set a new root passwd : it says "read-only filesystem, can't update password". What now?

Sounds like a very old version of OpenWrt. Upgrading from that won't allow saving settings, so upgrade without saving and start over.

OpenWRT is from 2013/14. UPGRADE worked. Thank you very much!

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