I Live in China and have NAT3 in the PS4

Greetings everyone!
I live in China, I have PS4 and my biggest problem is NAT 3 type network. I've tried connecting directly to the modem that was given to me by my service provider and it didn't do anything. I have Linksys AC1200 with an OpenWRT firmware. Is there any chance of changing it to NAT 2 by adjusting router settings.
I've already done port forwarding.
Will appreciate any sort of help!
P.S. I'm a newbie to networks and stuff, so I don't think I will be able to understand really complicated stuff, but I`ll do my best!
Thank you!

Please share the exact port forwarding you have done.

I guess for it to work, we will need to figure out what exactly PS4 is expecting, e.g. https://www.drivereasy.com/knowledge/ps4-nat-type-failed-solved/

Thank you for your reply! These are the ports I did forwarding to.

  • TCP: 80, 443, 1935, 3478-3480
  • UDP: 3478-3479

If possible:
Log in to your ISP's modem and set it to bridge mode, and let your router be the gateway (i.e. avoid double NAT). If you cannot, ask your ISP to do it.
If your ISP gives you CGNAT IP, ask them to give public one.
Enable UPnP on your router.

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Understood, will try. When a maintenance guy came to upgrade my internet asked him about NAT 3 problem. He "probably" didn`t understand me cuz he said there is nothing that he can do.

Who's your provider? I'm assuming you have FTTP?

The ISP routers don't allow bridge mode but there is an alternative depending on which ISP you're using. If you're using Telecom then you can buy a EPON modem very cheaply maybe around $5-10 (You plug the fibre cable directly into it) then an Ethernet cable to the router and set it up as a PPPoE connection using your ISP login details (easy to obtain by automated phone service or online). Then your router will the only/primary one and you won't have any issues with NAT and the likes. Keep in mind this will break the TV service if you're using the one they give you.

If you have CM - you can buy a GPON modem but you'd be a bit hard-pressed trying to to get them to give out your login details as they prefer you to use their own modem/router (keeps things easier for them as it allows zero-config of the connection and the second VLAN for their TV service).

It depends on where you live. Could also be GPON/10G-EPON.

Sorry, I should have said if you have Telecom you can purchase the relevant modem for your FTTP service. They’ll happily provide your LOID username and pw to use with it and your router,

CM don’t allow it and Unicom I don’t have experience with so may let you may not.

Do you have a link to the "relevant modem for your FTTP service"? I have tewa-600aem and want to replace it with tl-ep110 or better if possible.

Who is your provider? and on the bottom of the router does it say GPON or EPON?

Which ever yours is you can just search for 'G/EPON ONT' on your favourite shopping site and you'll find a few. Only costs about 50. Be careful though as many people sell broken ones for people to give back to their ISP to get a deposit back. Make sure the one you buy says its functional.

I had a Huawei one.

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TTTJJJ Thanks for the reply. It says (EPON ONU) TEWA-600AEM

I was thinking about buying this product to replace it with, do you know if it will work? https://www.tp-link.com/za/home-networking/pon-sfu-hgu/tl-ep110/

EDIT: China Telecom

Well, I got it working. For the most part. IPv6 does not work though. epon in bridge mode, loid on epon, opnsense router with pppoe and wan mac from bottom of old epon. Any ideas?

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