I have set my wifi router to wpa3 only mode but it is not showing that in wifi details

But from my mobile hotspot which is also wpa3 only that actually shows wpa3 but for openwrt it is wpa/wpa2/wpa3 what is wrong here.
I have reinstalled router os but still same.
I am on 23.02 router model mi 4a v1 with openwrt.

Your phone is wrong.

Show us the screenshot of the other AP from you router.

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Already added.

Show me the other AP please.

Nope, that does not look anything like what I showed you I need other than it is in dark mode.

What you are asking for I don't understand

I'm, truly, sorry about that.

I was just asking for a screenshot so I could show you with pictures what I solved: the phone is wrong.
But you don't need to understand it.
I can assure you it is nothing to worry about.

Thanks. I thought maybe i have misconfigured somehow that could lead to not a having proper wpa3

Nope, just a glitch in how the phone is serving information. AP picks the encryption; phone goes along with it or it cannot connect.

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