I have problems with SQM, it does not solve the bufferbloat

I have an asus rt-acrh17, inform me about sqm and openwrt to be able to install on my router. The problem is that the router does not have other firmware support because it has qualcomm. I found in Chinese forums a compilation of openwrt called x-wrt and I have tried in many ways to solve the latencies but I do not get results, I do not know if it will be due to my configurations or the fact that it is a custom firmware.

This is my result in dslreports

There is no info about bufferbloat on your dslreports result.

Please give us more information!

Why do you think you have a bufferbloat problem?

How does your test environment look like?
Connected over cable/wifi, ...?

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Thanks for replying, really the dslreports link doesn't work? It is clear that I suffer from bufferbloat since when I try to download and ping for example I get high latencies.

In my house there are approximately 10 devices connected by 2.4g and 5g wifi. My pc where I do these tests is connected by cable

I have hired 30mb of download and approximately 6mb of upload, I attach another test of dslreports with the network under load

turn off SQM

turn off the wifi and have only your PC connected to the net...
TEST in dslreports and on speedtest.net

type the lowest number on the SQM settings

and go to the advanced settings, and check you are using CAKE and layered cake

and in the advanced advanced options...I put... ( I got LTE internet...)

Advanced option string to pass to the ingress queueing disciplines; no error checking, use very carefully.
diffserv4 nat dual-dsthost rtt 33ms ingress

Advanced option string to pass to the egress queueing disciplines; no error checking, use very carefully.
diffserv4 nat dual-srchost ack-filter

Play with the rtt 33-200ms times until your bufferbloat problem gets better... try 20ms increments, the lower the more aggresive it'll be

also, check the Wan port selected in the SQM settings to the one actually marked WAN WAN6

other stuff you can check is MTU size, I've had ATM size compensation problems so I don't touch those settings, the lag always increased, DSL and cable is different also...

try also Diffserve3 and 4, Diffserv8 is not that great yet, besteffort is ok if your ISP sucks tagging packets (most do)