I have an depreciated device Arris Tg3492LG-LC modem, what can I do with it?

Hi to all, I hope you are well? Modem Arris Tg3492LG-LC was written off by the provider and now I have it and can do what I want. What could I do with the modem, do you have any ideas? I also searched for a jailbreak and hacking method and found nothing. Thank you in advance for any tips or ideas.
Best regards, Elena

It doesn't appear to be supported by OpenWRT so there's not much we could suggest.

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Thank you for your prompt replay! I found that out too, thought maybe I could use it elsewhere, would be a shame to throw it away. Have a good time, thank you.

Chances for OpenWrt support (in any way, shape or form) are effectively zero (based on SOC and WLAN, and cable modem support is even theoretically impossible). So either you can find a way to use the device as-is, as cable modem - or find a way to sell it. There is no (realistic) alternative.

Thank you slh, thank you for your input, I will take the device to the disposal, no problem, thought maybe i can somehow tinker with the device, also searched if there is a hack or jailbreak, but apparently the provider has created a device especially for himself proprietary. Have a good time and take care. Kind Regard, Elena