I have a mi 4a gigabit should offloading need to be enabled

Should i turn on Software flow offloading
And hardware flow offloading
From the firewall i find it on a youtube video but by default it is turned off should i turn on it to reduce cpu.

trial and error ?
it won't kill your device.


Actually i was looking for it i don't have enable any QOS.
As i am the only user with 3devices so it is not required.
So enabling soft and hard offloading will it reduce my device security. Like it is directly effecting firewall.

no, but it takes some shortcuts, and some custom firewall rules might not work.

... and you can use iperf3 to measure/compare the connection speed under the different scenarios.

only if you're NATing, otherwise it's pretty useless, and I think it's a very steep learning curve for OP.

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I use it over wifi only so will i get any benefit seems none still asking.

How fast is your ISP speed (upload and download speed)?

Do you connect to your ISP with PPPoE or DHCP client?

it'll only improve routing speed, not the wifi, nor wired LAN.

Offloading can reduce your CPU load. Indirectly, that can help other things like WiFi work better by freeing up the CPU for those other things.

If your follow-up question was whether SQM/QoS will help, the answer is yes, it will help with buffer bloat - even if you only have one client connected to your network. But you need to be realistic about it. The MT7621 CPU in your mi 4a is not fast enough to shape more than ~100 Mbps with CAKE or ~200 Mbps with fq_codel/simple. If you connect to your ISP with PPPoE, then even less, because PPPoE needs more of the CPU.

I used a MT7621 device as my main gateway router a year or so ago. In general, I would at least turn on software offloading. It's very unlikely to have any adverse impact. I would also turn on packet steering and install and enable the irqbalance package.

Static ip

150 upload download 150

If it does not help routing what it use for in a router.. I have both software and hardware offload i will turn it on.
My case is 5 devices one laptop 2 or 3 mobile max.
So yes i can have 150 mbps without issues...

Install the htop package to see if and how much offloading is helping. htop will show your CPU usage in a terminal window. Open a terminal or command window, log in to your router from the command line:

ssh root@


opkg update
opkg install htop

Then execute a speedtest with and without offloading turned on and compare CPU usage in each case. Software offloading, if it is helping, will reduce CPU usage a little. Hardware offloading, if it is helping, will reduce CPU usage a lot.

Offloading is not compatible with SQM/QoS, so you will not see much impact if you are shaping with CAKE or fq_codel/simple.