I have a Linksys WRT3200ACM with the Express VPN software flashed

Can NE1 assist me with with removing ExpressVPN software from a WRT3200ACM bought on ebay? Logged into the router via ssh using putty and displayed current partition then changed to prior part. rebooted router and apparently both partitions have been flashed with ExpressVPN. why would someone do this? The version of OpenWrt has Luci installed. I have not attempted to flash back to factory Linkysy firmware for fear of bricking. Can someone smarter than me walk me through installing factory Linksy or factory OpenWrt firmware or should i return it?

It’s just a VPN app. ssh in to whatever partition it’s on now and post the output of ubus call system board

You can just flash it with OpenWrt. If a flash gos rong then It will just boot up on the other partition.

Thanks for the speedy response pards. Took a chance and flashed the Linksys factory image from Express VPN GUI without issue. Figured I could always revert to the 2nd partition (as tapper noted) Still plan to flash factory Open-Wrt or remove VPN portion from second partition( looks like you can help with that) but tired of fiddling with it today. Upgraded from a WRT54GL that has run Tomato flawlessly for 15 years now. The upgrade from a 10/100 to a 1000 port and 5G wireless was $100 well spent on the open box WRT3200ACM.

You’re good to go then if you want to flash OpenWrt. Just download the current release shown below and flash the firmware from the Linksys GUI.