I have a BIG problem with OpenWrt on my Archer C7 AC1750 2.0

Hello dear community,

yesterday everthing was fine.....

My TP-Link Archer C7 AC1750 2.0 was flashed with not the newest version of LEDE (i think version before the new one). So planned to flash the new version OpenWRT (18.06.1).

The router should be perfekt to flash those router-os'ses but after rebooting i wasnt able to connect with any browser to the router-inferface (

Only with the aid of my Laptop (W-LAN) it's possible to connect to the router-interface.

To configure anything is not possible because i cannot set a W-LAN password etc. and i also think it's not save to do it with a W-LAN connection (i think you agree).

The WPS/Reset button on the router doesnt work as discribed - was my last hope........

What can i do now - please don't tell me the router is defekt!!!?

I flashed him only one time as said with LEDE but i think when i can get back the factory setting i don't try again another OS as the original.

PLEASE PLEASE:pray: help me i'm so unhappy :frowning:

Can you ssh into the device?

If so, then it is relatively easy to reset to default and go from there, or to upload a new image and flash it.


Im not sure if you want to go back to OEM firmware. Can you confirm?


Personally, id suggest working through the problem as in my view its more risky to go back to oem firmware, than it is to fix/upgrade .

Its unfortunate when upgrades arent seamless - but the extra functionality and security benefits easily outweigh the benefits of oem firmware


Thanks so much for your answer!
Sry for the question but how can i "ssh" into the device?
I only know the conventional method to connect >>

SSH ("Secure SHell") is a text based way to connect to a remote system, that does not involve a web browser. Instead you use a SSH client application.

If your PC runs WIndows, you'll need to install a SSH client such as PuTTY or Tera Term.

Desktop Linux already includes a CLI SSH client called 'ssh'.

Connect to the router using ssh to its address

If you've forgotten the password or other configuration you can also try to get the router into failsafe mode. Plug in the power and watch it boot up (OpenWrt). When the "gear" LED starts blinking rapidly, press the reset / WPS button several times repeatedly and see if it starts flashing very rapidly.

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Also big THX 4 your help - like i said i'm absolut unhappy about it!

Ok the risk to brick the device is to high - there must me another solution......

I think now i know what i'm done wrong: Lede was the OS before Open-Wrt but instead to flash with "factory" (because it's new OS) i do it with "sysupgrade" because in my mind it was an update :worried: .....

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The "factory" file is only used to flash over factory firmware. If you are running any version of LEDE or OpenWrt you would use the "sysupgrade".

But when the version you are changing to is significantly different than what is installed, you should choose NOT to try to save the settings. Instead make a clean install with default settings and reconfigure the new version from scratch.

If your router is issuing DHCP addresses, OpenWrt is doing something, it is not bricked.

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Ok cool tool this PuTTY :slightly_smiling_face: - i heard before but never test so far.

I'm connected to my router < whats next? Hope comes back.....

I even save a backup of LEDE before installing sysupgrade because of the setting but as discribed the settings usually should be adopted. But I wanted to do it safe. Also the settings I would not care.
The main thing is a stable os latest version that I can control via LAN finally works.

Hey Jeff i connect the device with SSH (Putty) with LAN - you said it's relatively easy to reset to default << so whats next PLEASE help me!!!

Run the command firstboot. This should reset to default settings and reboot.

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Ok and after this i can connect to the Interface from LAN without SSH?

Only one last questions i hope: How can i securely connect to the interface with a Browser?
and: What is the best Router OS for my Router in your opinion?

You'll need to install and configure a TLS-enabled version of the web server (typically uhttpd) to be able to connect over HTTP-S. If nginx is available, I would go with that as it is more "production quality" than is uhttpd. It is relatively new and I don't know if it is available for 18.06.1 release devices yet. At least on master there is now a package that loads all that you should need -- https://openwrt.org/packages/pkgdata/luci-ssl-nginx

Of the firmware than can run on an Archer C7, I consider OpenWrt to be be best choice due to its flexibility, package availability, sane build environment, and, most importantly, that it is regularly patched for security issues.

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The command "firstboot" don't reset to default settings.
("/dev/mtdblock3 is mounted as / overlay, only erasing files")

I still can't connect to the interface with my browser!

Super - when everthing runs as disired i'll try it :+1:.

But the problem is still there. Have you got any idea how to fix it?

Are you running 18.06.1 now, as you should be?

The snapshot builds, those without a release number but only a 5 digit version, do not include the web interface.

No i still can't connect to the web interface with any browser.

The command "firstboot" sadly don't reset to default settings.

I doesn't have enough knowledge (commands) for the 5 digit version.

"openwrt-18.06.1-ar71xx-generic-archer-c7-v2-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin" << i hope that is the right version and not the snapshot build!?

Now i can connect to the Web-Interface with a browser but can't set a password when i click on "Go to password configuration...".


"404 Not Found

Sorry, the object you requested was not found.

Unable to dispatch: /cgi-bin/luci/admin/system/admin"

When you have trouble with the web interface try clearing the browser cache.

Leave the password box blank and click Login. On the top bar choose System--Administration.

I there isn't a password box.
The only thing a see is the Warning:

"No password set!
There is no password set on this router. Please configure a root password to protect the web interface and enable SSH."

And the Error after clicking on the "Go to password configuration...." button.

When i want to set a password in SSH:

"passwd: can't update password file /etc/passwd"