I got like the coolest router for free EA7500v2

Some one had a Linksys EA7500V2 for free on Kijiji, which is a intenet local buy and sell thing. It installed properly the first time with the current firmware using the Linksys native tools. I tried adding packages and it filled up quickly so I reset the overlay and put what I knew would work. I set it up for usb smartphone tethering and NAS server using ntfs usb devices. It works great with Android and Apple over USB. I had a few Broadcomm SOCs that seem to have issues with Android tethering. This router uses the MT7621AT chipset.

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Is there a question here? Are you using OpenWrt?

considering native linksys firmware does not support packages I'd assume he is...

Yes, but what at the linksys native tolls that they referenced?

I think what I am otherwise saying is that the provided factory binary did work for me properly.

Ok... so you're talking about the path to install OpenWrt for the first time from the stock fimware. Sure... that makes sense.

But did you have any questions or were you just sharing that you're happy that you can run OpenWrt on this device?

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