I got a weird Chinese Ceiling AP called “Outengda” openwrt preinstalled

Hello, i just found some random AP called Outengda AP120/AC1200. booted it up and it has OpenWRT preinstalled with Chinese ONLY language in the settings (another language not available). im new in OpenWRT so can anyone please guide me how to flash this AP to new OpenWRT.

i tried to find new OpenWRT that support this board with MT7628, but all these new build starting from OpenWRT 18 only have MT76x8 in their repository. is it safe to use MT76x8 for my device? or i should only using version 17?

Heres some extra info

	"kernel": "3.10.108",
	"hostname": "OpenWrt",
	"system": "MT7628",
	"model": "mtk-apsoc-demo",
	"release": {
		"distribution": "OpenWrt",
		"version": "Chaos Calmer",
		"revision": "unknown",
		"codename": "chaos_calmer",
		"target": "ramips\/mt7628",
		"description": "OpenWrt Chaos Calmer 15.05.1"

No, you did not - you got a device with some OEM firmware, loosely based upon a butchered up and ancient vendor SDK, which in turn is loosely based around a heavily mutilated and lobotomized ancient version of OpenWrt. While commonly the case, it has very little in common with genuine OpenWrt.


You'll need to port OpenWrt to your device, if the OEM firmware is 'based on' OpenWrt or nor won't help you with the necessary development work.


What are the specifications, how much ram and flash does it have?

Any FCC ID on the label?

here the specification

Model CA1200
2.4G Frequency Range 2.4GHz – 2.484GHz
2.4G WIFI Standards 802.11 b / g / n
5G Frequency Range 5.150GHz~5.850GHz
5G WIFI Standards 802.11 a / n / ac

nope, the label on the device only MAC address and Power in specification

well, that's a dead end.

8mb flash devices will be dropped coming next stable release, due to insufficient flash space.


is it possible to use the current version?
im thinking to build the firmware with some as small as possible packages installed.
i have mikrotik based network on my house which i used to work at, so i think im gonna use this as AP only, and keep my DHCP server and other from mikrotik

probably, the SoC's supported since 19.07, it seems, but it'll be up to you to make it happen.


Really old shit


There's not many devices with that, and the most immediate one I can find has 16MB Flash:

There's also the TP-Link MR200 V4:

That's an exact match on the cpu, and ram, although you may have a different flash chip, etc, I shall leave you to look at how to add a device to Openwrt.

i just opened the AP and found out it was using WinBond 25Q64JVSIQ 64Mbit 8MB flash, and it was compatible with WinBond W25Q128JV 128Mbit 16MB variant.

im going to order the 16MB flash and try to swap the flash so it would give me plenty of space to work around with the firmware.

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Start by getting it up and running, then worry about the space.

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I'd bin the china cracker and buy something supported. Just my 0,02$